The 1st European Meeting on Algorithmic Challenges of Big Data (ACBD 2014)

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The IGAFIT group has been  formally established dur­ing the 1st Euro­pean Meet­ing on Algo­rith­mic Chal­lenges of Big Data (ACBD 2014) in May 2014, Warsaw, Poland. During this meeting we have appointed three working groups to discuss following issues:

  • increasing visibility of European algorithmic community (this would include promoting and marketing of our area and of our achievements, popularization of algorithms, etc);
  • enhancing networking activities in Europe (this would include students mobility, postdocs mobility, research exchange, general interaction in European algorithmic community, funding to support these activities, etc);
  • discussion about possibility of changing European conference system and journal publishing.

The groups were composed out of following members:

  • visibility: Kurt Mehlhorn, Peter Wid­mayer, Piotr Sankowski;
  • networking: Aleksander Mądry, Amos Fiat, Artur Czumaj, Uli Meyer;
  • conferences: Christian Sohler, Hannah Bast, Mikkel Thorup, Monika Henzinger.

The groups should prepare some proposals/recommendations to be discussed during the next meeting in Wrocław during ESA.