To Będlewo from Poznań

We will organize a complimentary shuttle from the Poznań Główny Railway Station (in downtown Poznań) on August 21st and back on August 26th. On August 21st, we plan to have a large coach (leaving around 6PM), and a small minibus or taxis to accommodate for late arrivals (leaving around 9PM, the minibus will not make it for the dinner). Departure times on August 26th will be established during the workshop according to participants’ needs.

If taking the shuttle is not compatible with your schedule, we recommend taking a taxi (160 PLN if preordered through Będlewo Palace; 1EUR = 4.78 PLN, on 18.07.2022).

Location of Poznań
Bus departs from here
Będlewo Palace, near Poznań
Reaching Poznań

We recommend arriving at Poznań–Ławica Henryk Wieniawski Airport (POZ) located 5km west of downtown Poznań, 20-30 minutes bus ride away from the main railway station (bus no. 159, ticket price 6 PLN for a 45-minute ticket; 3 to 4 departures per hour; see schedule). The Poznań airport has multiple daily flights from Warsaw (LOT Polish Airlines), Frankfurt, and Munich (Lufthansa). The budget airlines (Ryanair and Wizzair) serve multiple destinations across Europe.

You may also consider flying to one of the following airports (order by passenger traffic) and taking a train (or intercity bus) to Poznań. The travel times vary between 3 and 4 hours.

  • Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER): about 3:30 with a train to Berlin Hauptbahnhof and an express train to Poznań Główny

  • Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW): about 3:15 with a local train to Warszawa Zachodnia (Warsaw West) and an express train to Poznań Główny

  • Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport (GDN): about 4:00 with a local bus or train to Gdańsk Wrzeszcz and an intercity train to Poznań Główny

  • Copernicus Airport Wrocław (WRO): about 3:00 with a local bus to Wrocław Mikołajów and an intercity train to Poznań Główny

  • Warsaw Modlin Airport (WMO): about 4:00 with a local bus or train to Warszawa Centralna and an express train to Poznań Główny

Google Maps is generally helpful in planning a multimodal trip as it covers both intercity trains and local transport in most Polish cities. The official train schedule can be found at, which will redirect you to an appropriate carrier for online ticket sales. provides a comprehensive route planner for local transport, with online ticket sales through their mobile app in most Polish cities (including Poznań).

If you arrive to Poznań several hours before the shuttle bus departs, you may leave your luggage in one of the lockers on the station and take a walk to the city center.

The tickets for Polish trains can be purchased at

For planning train trips from/to Germany, you may use


Poland is a part of Schengen Area, which has a uniform visa policy among its member states. Please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more details. Please contact us if you need a visa support letter.