AlgPiE by IGAFIT Workshop

The inaugural IGAFIT Workshop for Algorithms Postdocs in Europe (AlgPiE by IGAFIT 2019) took place in the Research and Conference Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences at Będlewo Palace, Poland, October 14 – 18, 2019.


The goal of the 1st IGAFIT Workshop for Algorithms Postdocs in Europe (AlgPiE by IGAFIT 2019) is to provide a forum for scientific exchange of young European (including Israel) researchers in algorithms.

It provides a forum for a meeting of leading European young researchers in algorithms, to present the highlights of the recent developments in algorithms, to discuss advances in this area, and to discuss joint research projects and joint research initiatives. This will offer a wide picture of the latest research in algorithms done by young researchers through a series of research talks and the attendance in the workshop will give also an opportunity for networking and to meet fellow young algorithmic researchers. Moreover, optionally, the workshop could have tutorials on grant preparation (e.g., how to apply for an ERC Starting Grant) etc.

An important aim of this initiative is to provide the European algorithmic community a forum for the next generation of research leaders, and with this to integrate and support the European research community in algorithms.

While there are many workshops in algorithms taking place in Europe (e.g., meetings in Dagstuhl, Oberwolfach, Bertinoro) and outside Europe (e.g., DIMACS, Simons Institute at UC Berkeley, Banf, Shonan), such events typically involve mostly senior (faculty) participants and there are no broad Europe-wide events that focus on junior researchers, especially on the postdoctoral level. We believe that the proposed event, taking place in Europe and focusing on European (including Israel) postdocs in algorithms, will fill up an important gap in the academic experience of young researchers and will allow a better integration of the European algorithmic community on the level of postdoctoral researchers.

We’re seeking nominations for participants in this event, for post-docs actively working in algorithms (incl. data structures, some hardness results, online/distributed/dynamics/graph/approximation/randomized/parallel/…/ algorithms, combinatorial optimization, etc), who publish papers in algorithms, who will be a post-doc (or equivalent status) in October 2019. While we’re focusing on European and Israeli affiliated researchers in algorithms, we’re welcoming all international post-docs, especially those linked to Europe and Israel.

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Post-docs nominations: (Deadline passed) To nominate a post-doc for participation in the AlgPiE by IGAFIT 2019 workshop, complete a form available at–wqtpNUydeA/viewform

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