AmosFest – a worksop in honor of Amos Fiat’s 61st birthday

AmosFest – a workshop in honor of Amos Fiat’s 61st birthday
will be held at Tel-Aviv University on November 20-21, 2017.
We are planning a feast of scientific talks, food, and wild partying,
attended by Amos Fiat and his colleagues, students and friends.

This event will be followed by another very interesting event,
the 6th French-Israeli workshop on Foundations of Computer Science,
to be held on November 22-23, at Tel-Aviv University
(see ).

A preliminary list of speakers, in one or both of the events,
can be found below.

Both events are open to be attended by any interested party,
upon mandatory, but free, registration (link to follow soon).

best regards,

Yossi Azar, Yuval Rabani, Adi Rosen (organizers)

Preliminary list of speakers in one or both of the events:

Yossi Azar
Yair Bartal
Allan Borodin
Avrim Blum
Marek Chrobak
Alon Eden
Danny Feldman
Michal Feldman
Pierre Fraigniaud
Andrew Goldberg
Magnus Halldorsson
Saia Jared
Haim Kaplan
Anna Karlin
Valerie King
Pascal Koiran
Amos Korman
Elias Koutsoupias
Stefano Leonardi
Nati Linial
Yishay Mansour
Claire Mathieu
Moni Naor
Noam Nisan
Rafail Ostrovsky
Benny Pinkas
Yuval Rabani
Adi Rosen
Miklos Santha
Uri Zwick

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